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Our Specialization

Laundryhub Penang specialize in Fast, Clean and Efficient washer and dryers.

Our washer are the most efficient and reliable in the industry. It is preferred by commercial industry.


We provides completely FREE Detergent, Softener, and Sanitizer with Every Single Wash with us!!!

No matter 10kg or 14kg washers, it comes with automatic chemical dispenser from the leading industry chemical provider for Clothes cleaning services, Chempro, preferred and used by many Hotels in Malaysia.

This chemical company has been around for more than a decade, with their experience and intimate understanding of laundry requirements and chemical expertise, we are confident to provide the laundry results you desire


Free Detergent  100%

Free Softerner 100%

Free Sanitizer 100%

Free Pembasmi Kuman....  100%