Happy Valentine's Day Penang


Valentine's day is a day where we celebrate our love with our loved ones. Even if no presents are exchanged, the most important thing is to spend some quality time together. Laundry duties can be done at any time at your friendly neighborhood Laundryhub.

Visit us at non-peak hours and it can save you some waiting time. Have a wonderful day! From all of us at Laundryhub Penang @ Jln Dato Keramat

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wesak celebration

Happy Wesak Day .. Some Activities in Penang

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Happy Wesak day from Laundryhub Team

Wesak Day is on Wednesday in 2017. This give us a nice break in the middle of the week.
Wesak commemorates the Blessed Day of Gautama Buddha’s birth, His supreme enlightenment and His attainment of mahaparinirvana. It is a day for celebration.

There will be a float procession will be held in Penang.
15 floats will take part in the procession which will start from Malaysian Buddhist Association (MBA) in Burmah Road at 6pm.

Please note the following road will be pack between 6pm-10pm.
Pangkor Road, Kelawei Road, Burmah Lane, Peel Avenue, Macalister Road, Anson Road and Madras Lane.

During those time, Jalan Dato Keramat is not blocked. If you are in the neighborhood, welcome to drop by our Laundry shop @ Laundryhub Penang Jalan Dato Keramat. 

For more reading on the celebration that happen last weekend. Check out at The Star Newspaper.

Visit us at non-peak hours and it can save you waiting time. Have a Fun Holiday! From all of us at Laundryhub Penang @ Jln Dato Keramat

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Happy Labor Day Penang

Laundry at Laundryhubpenang

Happy Labor day from Laundryhub Team

Labor day falling on Monday giving us another Long weekend. Try not to work during this holiday. Spend time with your family, road trip to your relative or vacation spot. But don't forget to schedule some time to do your laundry before and after at your friendly neighborhood Laundryhub.

Visit us at non-peak hours and it can save you waiting time. Have a Fun Holiday! From all of us at Laundryhub Penang @ Jln Dato Keramat

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Enjoy new holiday with King's Installation @ Laundryhub Penang

We wishes you a Happy New Holiday for Malaysia!!

April 24 declared public holiday to celebrate King's installation

April 24 has been declared a public holiday to celebrate the installation of Sultan Muhammad V as the 15th Yang di-Pertuan Agong. The installation ceremony will be held in Kuala Lumpur on April 24.

We, Laundryhub Penang, wishes all a great day... whether you are spending more time with your family, spending some time cleaning up the house, or doing some laundry at Laundryhub Penang @ Dato Keramat.

Read more @ The Star Newspaper

Happy Thaipusam!!!

Happy Thaipusam to all our friends who celebrate.

Thaipusam is exciting time in Penang with lots of people visiting the Temples. Especially the Waterfall Temple and the surrounding. The whole road is blocked and open to lots of Stalls.

Take note when traveling to our shop as there are some road closure at specific time.

Our shop is at great location to see the Parade passing by. The parade would pass from Jalan Dato Keramat to Jalan Utama on the day before Thaipusam.


Below is a notice on the road closure: (In Malay)




🚨 Pergerakan Pergi Out Trip - 08 Feb 17 (Rabu)

  • 🔅Golden Chariot - akan bergerak pd jam 5.00 Pagi dari Lebuh Queen ke Kuil Air Terjun
  • 🔅Silver Chariot - akan bergerak pd jam 7.00 Pagi dari Lebuh Penang ke Kuil Jalan Air Terjun


🚨Pergerakan Balik Back Trip - 10 Feb 17 (Jumaat)

  • 🔅 Golden Chariot - akan bergerak pd jam 5.00 Petang dari Kuil Air Terjun ke Lebuh Queen.
  • 🔅Silver Chariot - akan bergerak pd jam 7.00 Petang dari Kuil Air Terjun ke Lebuh Penang.


❗❗JALAN DITUTUP (Road Closure)

➡ LALUAN PERGI ( 08 FEB 2017 ) :

🚫 Permulaan di Lebuh Queen / Lebuh Penang ➖ Lebuh Chulia ➖ Gat Lebuh Chulia ➖Lebuh Victoria ➖ Gat Jalan Perangin (Laluan Bertentangan) ➖Jalan C.Y Choy ➖Jalan Magazine ➖Jalan Dato Keramat (sehingga persimpangan Jalan Utama) ➖Jalan Utama (hala bertentangan dari Jln Dato Keramat)  ➖Jalan Utama➖Jalan Air Terjun


➡ LALUAN BALIK ( 10 FEB 2017 ):

🚫Jalan Air Terjun ➖Jalan Gothlieb➖Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman➖Jalan Cantomen➖Jalan Macalister➖Jalan Anson (hala bertentangan)➖Jalan Burma (hala bertentangan)➖Jalan Transfer➖Jalan Sri Bahari➖Jalan Penang➖ Jalan Lebuh Cambell➖Jalan Buckingham➖ Jalan Kapitan Keling➖Jalan Chulia➖Jalan Lebuh  Queen / Jalan Penang



🚗 Pengguna dari Jambatan / Pusat Bandar  yang hendak ke Batu Feringgi Boleh menggunakan laluan berikut :

- Lebuhraya Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu ➖Pengkalan Weld➖Lebuh Faquhar➖Jalan Pangkor➖Jalan Kelawei➖Jalan Tanjong Tokong ➖Jalan Tanjong Bungah.


🚗 Pengguna yang ingin ke Ayer Itam boleh menggunakan laluan berikut : (Use this road to go to Ayer Itam)

- Jalan Sungai Pinang➖Jalan Perak➖ Jalan Masjid Negeri ➖ Jalan Batu Lancang.



➖ Pengguna Jalanraya dinasihatkan untuk merancang perjalanan bagi mengelakkan daripada terkandas dalam kesesakan lalu lintas.

➖Pengguna dinasihatkan agar meminta bantuan anggota polis jika terlibat dalam sebarang kecemasan.

➖ Pengguna dinasihatkan agar sentiasa mematuhi arahan daripada anggota polis yang bertugas bagi mengelakkan sebarang insiden yang tidak diingini.


Daripada :

YDH ACP Mior Faridalathrash Bin Wahid

Ketua Polis Daerah Timur Laut

Pulau Pinang


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